Do you know what I hate more than anything else

When people pretend they’re “stoners”

Like wtf is that doing for your life PRETENDING you smoke a lot of weed??? I don’t get it

And pretending you aren’t high omg what is wrong with you

If we’re smoking and I’m high as all shit and you’re #1 making fun of me for being high and #2 not enjoying your own high like wtf sorry for your awful life u little shit



I love this picture so much, it’s like the joint is telling her a really interesting story


that’s a blunt u uncultured swine

(Source: booche, via baby-dirtbag)

I miss when people would come over and get drunk and we’d all sit around the table and smoke hookah

And I miss waking up to kids passed out on the living room floor

And I don’t know who needs help, or who I can help because we’re all getting better at our own pace

But I need a 30 pack and best friends

Mason should be here right now.

I have the same fucking realization every time I wake up

I’m so tired but the first thought I have when I open my eyes isn’t worth the sleep

I want to see him again and listen to him say dumb stuff and this isn’t fair and it shouldn’t have been him

Fuck fuck fuck

We’re all asking the same God for mercy

It’s hard for me to get onto facebook or tumblr without getting anxious because I’m scared to death to see something I don’t want to see

I hate social networking


I hate that in the end, it’s always just you. No one else. Everyone is completely alone.